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Pettypool Project

History and Development

Girlguiding Cheshire Forest purchased an area of woodland in Sandiway in the late 70’s.The land had been left untouched for years. The ground was covered in fallen trees, brambles and nettles.

Through hours of volunteer effort, 17 acres have been transformed into a thriving activity centre. This now comprises of a residential building (sleeping 24 plus leaders), campsites, habitat areas and activity areas. The centre is used by Girlguiding members from all over Cheshire:  Warrington/Widnes to the North, Middlewich to the East, Malpas to the South and Chester to the West. It is also available for use by other recognised youth groups where space allows

The existing residential building was erected in the 1980s, is prefabricated and unsuitable for disabled members and mixed groups. It is expensive to heat and is showing signs of age. In 2010 following a consultation process with our young members, the County Trustees agreed that a replacement residential building should be built.

The development of the design and fundraising then began. Members from all Guiding sections were involved, putting forward their ideas as to what should be included in the new building. Finally after completing land and ecology surveys, etc. planning permission was granted in 2015.

In 2016 it was agreed by the County Trustees that although there were insufficient funds to complete the build, the project should be started. The shell, activity room and dining room would be built .The bedrooms and kitchen fit out to follow in Phase 2 when sufficient funds have been raised. It has been extremely difficult to receive any funding through grants as we seem to be ineligible in many cases.

We are extremely grateful for any external support that we receive.

The new building will be located on an area previously used as a campsite. It is a terraced site with views over existing woodland. The land was cleared in February 2016 (to conform to ecological requirements).  Excavation began in mid October 2016. Phase 1 was completed in October 2017.

The new residential building will sleep 30 plus leaders in en-suite rooms of 4/6.

It will have full disabled facilities including a bedroom with hoist and care facilities.

It is in a raised location and will have direct access to an outdoor deck area and the surrounding woodland.

The adaptable design of the new building and the increase in number of residents should enable greater use than the present dated building, particularly to those requiring disabled facilities and mixed groups.

The design and materials used have been chosen so that the building fits well in the woodland setting

Once Phase 1 is complete the kitchen area, activity room and dining room will be available for use. The bedroom section will be completed in phase2 once the final £250,000 has been raised.

This is a huge project for Girlguiding Cheshire Forest to undertake but once complete its members will have a building that is adaptable and inclusive. It will offer unique outdoor experiences in a safe rural environment, particularly for young people who do not have access to the countryside in their normal everyday lives.

How you can help

There are lots of ways you can help to raise money towards the final total.

The ‘Pettypool 200 club’ for a chance to win a monthly prize draw. Why not buy a ticket for for a chance to win a monthly cash prize – 200 club registration forms available here.

What is a 200 Club?
For those who’ve not come across one before, a ‘200 club’ is a regular lottery, which is usually run for some charitable purpose, in this case the new Pettypool building.  The 200 Club is defined as a ‘private lottery’ under Section 4 of the Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976.

Who can join?
Anyone aged 18 or over who has a Girlguiding UK registration number or is a member of the Trefoil Guild. Preference will initially be given to Girlguiding members from Cheshire Forest..

What does it cost to join?
Each number costs £24 and is valid for one year from 1st September. There is no limit to how many numbers each member can buy, but if total numbers exceed 200 – multiple number requests will be limited. It is possible to join mid year with the cost per number being adjusted pro rota (£2 per month).

How do I join?

You can subscribe directly through this website using paypal or a credit card. Confirmation of the number/s given to each member will be e-mailed to the member as a receipt. Click on ‘Buy Now’ and follow the on-screen instructions.


When paying using Paypal, please ensure you still send the application form to John Perry, but advise that you’ve paid online.

Please send in a cheque made payable to ‘Pettypool2010’ with a Pettypool 2010 – 200 Club Application Form (doc)

Broken silver chains, watches, medals, coins etc from around your house. When small bits are collected together we can sell them to raise money for the fund. Please collect them in your Units, Districts and Divisions and drop them off at the Pettypool Shop next time you’re passing.

‘Girlguiding Cheshire Forest Pettypool’ as your chosen cause on – then do all your online shopping via this website – it costs nothing and you can see how much you as an individual are raising towards the development of Pettypool. REGISTER now at

Unwanted CDs, DVDs and games. They MUST have their original notes and sleeves as well as a bar code on the reverse. Please collect them in your Units, Districts and Divisions and drop them off at the Pettypool Shop next time you’re passing.

Making a donation via paypal:
To make a donation through paypal, please click on the ‘Donate’ button below.


Leaving a Legacy

If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to Pettypool Activity Centre, please contact

If you would like to contact us regarding the Pettypool Fundraising Appeal please email us at the following address: