Girlguiding Cheshire Forest County


About Pettypool

Pettypool Campsite and Activity Centre is set in 17 acres of woodland in the heart of Cheshire

It offers a variety of facilities to provide opportunities for indoor and outdoor activities ranging from a Rainbow Day to Senior Section camping. Although close to local amenities, Pettypool is secluded enough to be a safe attractive environment for all who use it.

The site is well used by girlguiding members but bookings are accepted from other recognised organisations if there is a free date. The site cannot be booked for parties or personal events.

Pettypool is run by a small team of volunteers who work very hard to ensure Cheshire Forest has a fantastic outdoor base.

More volunteers are required in order to ensure its continued success. If you can spare time either on a regular basis, or as a one off, there is a job to suit all talents! Contact one of the team for more information.



Girl guide campsite and activity centre completed by Walker Simpson Architects
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Source: Daniel Hopkinson