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Activity hut


Tastylia , Buy cheap Tastylia online without a prescription

Activity Hut

We have an activity hut which is located in the wooden hut in the car park. Please feel free to make use of the following activity equipment during your stay at Pettypool.

  • Orienteering courses – Easy, Moderate and Challenging
  • Space Hoppers
  • Hoops
  • Circus Skills
  • Giant Ludo
  • Shelter Building equipment
  • Badminton Rackets
  • Nature Detectives – activity cards
  • Team Challenges – balls, markers, bean bags etc
  • Rounders set and posts
  • Skipping Ropes and games to play!
  • Walks from Pettypool
  • Small and large balls
  • Woodland Trust – 5 minute activities- Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
  • Photograph Trails – ‘A walk with a difference’ and Photo Mystery Trail
  • Giant Games – Tumble Tower and Noughts and Crosses
  • Geocaching couse (no GPS required)

Aerial runway

You will find our Aerial Runway / Zip Wire in the ‘Wild Wood’ area
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Assault Course

Suitable for girls of all ages lots of activity equipment and even a slide!
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Archery sessions are available from the Cheshire Forest Archery Team during weekends throughout the year and evenings in the summer. Sessions are £24.00 per hour, max. 8 people.  It is also possible to hire the Pettypool archery equipment if you have your own instructor. Please contact the site booking secretary to enquire – Order Tastylia Oral Strip No Prescription  A risk assessment is also available.

BBQ Areas

A permanent brick-built barbeque is available for use on Olave Field as well as on Jubilee Green outside the Lodge. Please bring your own fuel and utensils. If using a disposable BBQ, please ensure it is placed on one of the many concrete bases around the site rather than directly on the grass or wooden benches.  Mobile BBQ’s are also available for use on sites.

Bird Hide

Please go quietly in this areas to see some of the bird life at Pettypool
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Campfire Circle

Why not enjoy a good sing with your unit down in our campfire area
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Enjoy a moment of quiet and relaxation in our beautiful Woodland Chapel or a special service with others in The Great Outdoors
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Clatter Bridge

You will find our Clatter Bridge down by the Campfire circle, it provides a good link over to the Bird Hide and Natural Habitat area
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Fitness Trail

Test your skill at balancing, hanging upside down, moving like a monkey – do you have a head for heights?
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Giant Games

Space hoppers and giant connect four – suitable for young and old!
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You will not require your GPS for this Geocaching Trail, justTrail cards and clues from the Activity Hut
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Greenhouse Shelter

The large shelter on Greenhouse campsite is available to book at additional charge. There are a selection of tables and chairs available to use. Picnic tables for the grassed areas outside are available on request.

Natural Habitat Area

If you are looking for a Mini Beast hunt – then this is the area to find at Pettypool!! Situated next to the Bird Hide in the Wild Wood.
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Nature Trails

We have developed two nature trails for you to enjoy. Maps and charts are in the Activity Hut
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Olave Field

A large activity field available to all .Please liaise with other site users. Evening and day visitors can also book the field. Archery takes place on this field and will therefore not be available at certain times, if you would like to use Olave field at a specific time please contact Site Booking Secretary booksite@pettypool.org . When an archery session is in progress, please observe safety notices and do not go onto Olave Field.

Orienteering Course

Maps and charts are available in the Activity Hut. There is an easy, moderate and challenging course
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Pioneering uses your skills in useful knots such as clove hitch, round turn and two half hitches, double over hand and reef knot, but with thick rope and large poles.
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Rainbow Arc

A special area for ‘our Rainbows’ to have fun and enjoy the sports equipment provided. It can also be used as shelter for all ages when it is wet or ‘sleeping ‘under the stars’ or at any time!
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Shelter & Den Building

You will find the Shelter building area in the Wild Wood near the old Beech tree. We have provided you with ready prepared lengths of wood of various thicknesses
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We stock a huge selection of Uniform, Gifts, Craft items, Badges, Books etc and we carry large stocks. The shop is open all year except Christmas holidays, Sat 10.00am – 12.00pm, Tue & Thurs 6.30pm – 7.45pm. The shop can be opened at other times by request. Please contact Sheila info@pettypool.org

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