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View the Tastylia Order 20 MG


There is a Large dormitory with 12 bunk beds for sleeping 24 people in total. A blanket, pillow and storage box is provided for each person.

Leaders Room 1

Sleeps 2 x people in bunk beds.

Leaders Room 2

Sleep 2 x people. There is one single bed and one folding bed.

Leaders Room 3

Sleep 2 x people. There is one single bed and one folding bed.

What to bring:

Toilets & Showers

There is bathroom with 4 toilets and 4 wash basins. In addition to this there is a Leaders bathroom with toilet, basin and shower.


The kitchen is fully equipped and includes a range gas cooker, toaster and kettle, microwave, refrigerator, chest freezer, salamander grill, water boiler and utensils.

Dining Room

The dining room has cupboards with crockery – plates, bowls, glasses and mugs and cutlery for 30 people.

Activity Room

The activity room has low tables, chairs and a bookcase with a small selection of books and games.

Leaders Lounge

The leaders lounge has lounge chairs and a coffee table.


There is a land line phone and a grassed play area alongside the lodge with 4 picnic tables and a BBQ area. The Lodge has storage heaters with supplementary heaters in some areas.


At the rear of the dormitory there is a tumble dryer and a spin dryer.


The Ranger Den


There is an equipped kitchen with an electric oven, toaster, microwave and crockery for 6 people.

Lounge & Sleeping Area

There is a small lounge area which doubles as the sleeping area for 6 people in sleeping bags.

Willow Campsite

Willow campsite is directly behind the Ranger Den, which makes a good outdoor area. This must be booked separately.


The toilet block (shared with campers on-site) is located opposite the Ranger Den.

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